Here We Go…

The phrase “Jack of all trades, Master of none” has always rung true for me. At my core, I am a curious person. I love learning new things, discovering new places, understanding alternative ideas, and generally anything that changes my perspective. Books and music have always captivated me, and I tell stories through film for a living. But my consistent curiosity is also what prevents me from being the absolute best at a singular thing, once I conquer one skill I immediately move on to the next…

You name it, I might be able to do it. Build a computer, knit a scarf, create a website, build a desk, plan an entire party from designing the invites to engineering the custom check-in app. I can budget a feature film and play the violin. I’m addicted to spin class and have ziplined in Costa Rica. Eaten fried worms in Vietnam? Yup. I’ve lived in multiple countries, speak a couple languages, and can easily tell the difference between a pinot and a cabernet.

I doubt I am alone in feeling that sometimes I just don’t fit in. I live in a city where everyone portrays themselves as strong, powerful, and in control of their lives. Trying to keep up can be exhausting. I consider myself very lucky to have fallen in love with an incredible man. We have been married almost 9 years as of this post, and he is my world. But that seems to be the only constant in my life.

The film industry is a scary place to live. You never know when your next job will come, if a financier will love your script as much as you do, or if the Director you KNOW is perfect will be available. As hard as anyone can work toward a goal, the “yes” is usually out of your control. That is a tough pill to swallow.

That is where this blog comes in! Instead of feeling self conscious about not fitting in, I want to embrace it. Instead of waiting for something constant, I want to create it. And instead of waiting for someone else to say yes, I am going to say yes to the things that make me happy.

So welcome. I will share the crafts, music, wines, games, and shenanigans that I am getting into, and who knows, maybe I will meet some fellow “jacks” along the way.

– Steph

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Author: iamthecurioustexan

Queso gives me life. Wife to Daniel Danger & Dog Mom to Roxy. World traveller, avid crafter, wine snob, record collector, & board game winner.

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