Music for Charity from Ryan Montbleau!

You should give Bright Side a quick listen if you haven’t already.

But Ryan actually just released a single from his upcoming album, Ships in the Night, for a great reason.  From Ryan, “It’s a new song I wanted to get released quickly.  These are crazy days we’re living in and feelings of isolation seem to be running deep.  Proceeds from the downloads and streams will be donated to Cane Bay Cares to help hurricane relief efforts on the island of St. Croix.  Lots of people and places need help right now but St. Croix is a place with which I have a strong personal connection and they could sure use the help.  Thank you for listening.”

Head over to his website for details. Who doesn’t love good music coupled with a good cause? Happy Friday Friends!

Music for Chairity

Author: iamthecurioustexan

Queso gives me life. Wife to Daniel Danger & Dog Mom to Roxy. World traveller, avid crafter, wine snob, record collector, & board game winner.

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