My Obsession: Shampoo Bars

I know its going to be a lovely Saturday because my Soapgirl shampoo and conditioner bars were just delivered! I have tried A LOT of shampoo bar brands, and frankly, nothing compares to these beauties.


If you have never tried a shampoo bar, I highly recommend it! Most of them are all natural and don’t contain SLS/SLES (sodium laurel sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate). These unnecessary additives tend to strip away your hair’s natural oil and moisture which can lead to dryness, brittle hair or scalp irritation.

Most shampoo bars leave your hair naturally moisturized and conditioner isn’t needed, but everyone is a little different. Some people love to rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar after a shampoo. Personally, I have long hair and like to use a conditioner bar on my ends. Again, I think Soapgirl’s products are great, but another brand of conditioner bar I love is the Beauty and the Bees Real Beer Bar .

If you are thinking about switching to shampoo bars (which I highly recommend) I should tell you that there is a very real transition period. While your hair adjusts from a restrictive chemical cocktail back to its natural state, things can be a little weird. My transition took about a week – which feels about average.

Also! As a frequent traveller they are WONDERFUL, just pop it in your bag! Since they are light, and solid – they won’t leak on anything – and you can bring it in your carry-on!

Overthrow Martha did an incredibly thorough write up that you should check out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts? What is your favorite brand?


Author: iamthecurioustexan

Queso gives me life. Wife to Daniel Danger & Dog Mom to Roxy. World traveller, avid crafter, wine snob, record collector, & board game winner.

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